Ensuring Quality

ensuring quality

This means:

We need to make sure that we know what excellent means for each of the people we support. Everyone has different needs and wishes and the care and support we provide will reflect this. The individual experience of people receiving care and support and their personal expectations and outcomes is a priority. Quality Assurance is about everyone working at SFHT having the responsibility to make sure that our care and support services are of the very highest quality and that we capture what is most important to those who use any of the services.

  • Everyone working for SFHT, individually and as a team need to do the very best that they can in every aspect of their work. We need to have the training and other support systems in place to make sure that everyone has what they need to do their jobs really well.
  • To provide a range of services which keep people safe through recognised standards, safeguards and the adoption of good practice.
  • To have recognised processes that ensure the effectiveness of services including their value for money.
  • To have systems, checks and audits in place to monitor and evaluate the quality of the services that we provide so that we can celebrate successes.

How we maintain quality

We ensure:

  • Every person that we support will have Support Plans that are compiled with information from all of the people involved in their lives. This will ensure that we know what we need to do to meet their needs and wishes and have plans in place to do it.
  • Every person we support will have a review of their care and support at least once a year. This will help us to make sure we know what we need to do with each person we support for the coming year.
  • Questionnaires will be sent to people we support, their families and representatives so that we can invite and act upon their feedback about us.
  • Throughout the year we will actively encourage people to raise complaints and compliments. We will review these regularly to ensure that we learn from them and act upon them.
  • People we support will be encouraged to attend regular meetings to give them the opportunity to discuss matters that are important to them. Minutes and actions required will be recorded and acted upon.
  • Every member of staff will have a thorough and comprehensive induction when they start work.
  • Every member of staff will be supervised by their Manager on a regular basis.
  • Every member of staff will have an annual appraisal carried out by their Manager.
  • Staff training needs will be regularly reviewed in Supervision and Appraisal and as specific needs arise.
  • Staff will attend training and refreshers for all Mandatory training and additional courses according to specific needs.
  • That we comply to all legislation that governs social care. The HR Department, Director of Operations and Service Managers will ensure that we are aware of and comply with any changes in legislation or guidance.
  • We will actively encourage open and honest discussion and feedback between staff in all roles within SFHT.

We have a Whistleblowing Policy in place to ensure that anyone can raise serious concerns safely and securely