The Bradbury Centre

The Bradbury Centre

What we offer people using our services

The Bradbury Centre is an exciting day opportunity for adults with learning disabilities to develop skills in retail, social enterprise and running a business.

We are connecting with local artists & crafts people to showcase their creations whilst building social connections and work together with the wider community.

People using our services are being supported to expand their skills and be involved in the following:


Learning about customer service, running a high street shop, e-commerce, advertising, finance/money skills and much more.

Creative Ventures

Handmaking gifts for sale using a variety of artistic mediums including block printing, mosaic work, woodwork etc.

Product Design & Manufacture

Exploring products for in-house manufacturing using specialist equipment. Using computer-based designs which are then manufactured into stock based on seasonal and trend customer demand.

Personal Development

Increasing self-esteem, looking good feeling good, collaborating with local businesses and higher education establishments to work collaboratively and open doors for future employment.

Education & Vocational

Asdan accredited courses are available for those wishing to build their vocational repertoire in a wide variety of practical courses.

Social Opportunities

Building, maintaining, and developing relationships. Being part of and getting to know their local community, sports and outdoor activities.

Physical & Mental Wellbeing

We are supporting people to stay physically and mentally well through a range of activities and sessions focussing on aiding health in general.

Group Work & Retail Skills

People using our services can expect to be supported to engage in work-based activities linked to the Emporium as well as developing skills in wider elements of retail.

For those who aspire to pursue a career in retail can be given support in CV writing and will be coached in interview techniques, personal presentation, interpersonal skills and much more.

People working in the retail arm of the Emporium are being supported by trained, experienced staff and are gaining experience and skills in the following:

  • Till work – handling cash sales, card sales, refunds, and money work.
  • Advertising – looking at advertising our merchandise, advertising seasonal goods, how to gain more custom and educating the wider community.
  • Display & merchandising – understanding the display and rotation of stock. Ordering new products.
  • Social connections – being supported to liaise with the local artists, informing them of their sales, and making new contacts.
  • Asdan – a wide range of accredited courses in a variety of subjects are available for those who wish to partake.
  • Computer work – purchasing stock, sourcing new & exciting products, exploring e-commerce opportunities.

Creativity & Wellbeing

Creative Skills

Creative sessions are giving the people we support the opportunity to become involved in a variety of group and individual projects using a variety of art mediums.

  • Upcycling small items of furniture
  • Mosaic work
  • Woodwork
  • Block printing
  • Jewellery making
  • Modelling/sculpture
  • Textiles

Wellbeing sessions encompass several aspects of personal development.

Increased self-esteem results in people having the confidence to try new things, partake in new activities and have belief that they can reach their full potential. We will be running a variety of sessions which will support this including:

  • Looking good/feeling good
  • Image & communication
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Sports – including extreme sports, water sports.
  • Cookery classes
  • Team building

Product Manufacture – Laser Cutting & Engraving

We are delighted to have purchased a laser cutter/engraver from a very generous grant from the J&M Family Foundation which will allow us to support people to design, manufacture and create wood-based products. Laser cutting is a process that uses a laser to cut different materials for both industrial and more artistic applications, such as etching.

We are producing a wide range of seasonal, trend-based and bespoke creations.

With the use of computer software, the people we support have the opportunity to learn new skills in computer-aided design. People are involved in individual projects as well as producing stock for our retail outlet.