Who We Are

We are the Stable Family Home Trust

The Stable Family Home Trust provides a wide range of support services for the benefit of adults/people with a spectrum of disabilities/learning disabilities.

Our Mission - What We Want To Do

SFHT wants to give excellent support to people with learning disabilities and their families.

Our Vision - How We Will Do This

We will do this by supporting each person in an individual way that has agreed outcomes.

Our Values - What We Believe Is Right

It is important to us that everything we do will give people.

Good Choices

We will give people information that is easy to understand so they can make choices that are right for them


We will support people to know and to have their rights and to understand their responsibilities


We will help people to see a bright future for themselves and help them to achieve this


We will support each person to be as independent as they can be and want to be


We will respect people being different and value everyone the same

SFHT was established in 1980 by a group of families whose young adult children had learning disabilities. There were few family-based living options at that time and the families set up a residential home at the Stables in Bisterne, Hampshire.


SFHT now supports more than 130 people, providing a wide range of services to people with learning disabilities and their families: supported lives in residential homes, a personal development programme and our newly developed supported living service.